Current Job Listings

ARCCO currently employs over 75 full-time employees.
Positions at ARCCO include:

  • equipment operators
  • laborers
  • carpenters
  • plumbers
  • cement masons
  • welders
  • project administrators
  • project managers
  • financial administrators
  • office administrators
  • mechanics

We accept resumes and applications in person, by fax, or email

College Recruiting/ Internships

ARCCO as a company is only as good as the people who work for us

That’s why we are always open to meeting new, talented people to join our team. We welcome current college students interested in the construction, engineering, and management fields to take a closer look at A.Ruiz Construction for an internship position.

Our internships cover various career tracks and provide solid hands-on experience

You will be working closely with highly skilled and accomplished mentors. Many of our interns have begun their career with us and are still working here today. ARCCO is a positive, rewarding place to work, and you will be shown how to do your best and be proud of your contribution to the team and our projects.

Summer Employment for High School Students

We strongly believe that a summer job or internship is a perfect first step towards a successful career in the construction industry

ARCCO provides several opportunities each summer for young, often disadvantaged, job seekers to build skills, confidence, and experience. You will be exposed to a real-life learning environment that values construction best practices, safety, teamwork, and pride.

Summer employment with A.Ruiz Construction is a positive work experience, following all OSHA requirements for safety, and Department of Labor regulations for students. We know that a summer job can change your life by creating opportunities, and jump-starting your career.

Employee Benefits

Our work is challenging and rewarding

Whether you work directly in the field with our crews and supervisors, or in-house with management, engineering, or pre-construction, you will be exposed to a high standard of ethics, professionalism, and respect.

We provide knowledge and experience

If you find that our culture fits your values, then you will also find leadership who will train and mentor you, because we want you to succeed and can show you how to develop your career with ARCCO.